“...The bigger picture however, consists of a lifetime of adventures, life-threatening scenarios, fear, uncertainty, and confusion, woven into a fabric of dauntless determination. My quest to find answers to the unidentifiable questions that had been haunting me since adolescence was spurred by an ongoing, nagging feeling that something wasn’t right, that I somehow was not being true to myself.  
    This is quite a unique story. The old adage, “fact is stranger than fiction”, is one I have found to be true about many people’s lives. Upon reflection, I discover that mine seems to have had some particularly interesting and sharp turns. It’s been a magical trip, for sure, though not entirely fun. Still, the cast of characters and chains of events found herein could not have been avoided nor programmed, even had I wanted to. The Universe had its own plan.”



Victoria Takács was born in Wilmington, Delaware, where she attended Wilmington Friends School from kindergarten through tenth grade.  After completing high school in a different State, she went on to a brief attempt at college. Feeling lost and without direction, she took a two-week vacation to Mexico, from which she did not return for twelve years.  The story of her life has been one with many inspirational twists and turns, thus insisting on being told.  Victoria is a writer, former high school Spanish teacher, and certified yoga instructor.  She holds a degree in Spanish, with a specialization in simultaneous interpretation and literary translation. Her passion, however is to help others to lay the groundwork for their own self-discovery;  she is a certified teacher of Emotional Integration, a technique by which a patient is guided to confront, observe, manage and understand their emotions, thereby diminishing and ultimately dissolving the root of their suffering completely.   She currently resides in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where she teaches guided meditation and gives Emotional Integration therapy.